Excerpt from his book “Rambles and Rants”

Keith Haughton

Keith is a young man who lost his mom, dad, and brother all to suicide. 

Excerpt with permission


"Some days it is just a dull throbbing in my heart, a reminder that pieces of me are gone, and that I must wait, like all of us, for a time when I will be whole again. Other days I am overcome by a weight of sadness that seems so heavy I can hardly breathe. And that is okay. This is what it feels like when you lose someone you love. You hurt. You cry. You feel the undiluted pain of grief. You reach out to the safe, trusted people in your life and invite them to share your burdens and carry your broken heart in their hands. Together you learn to survive, to heal, to hope. And the light grows ever brighter…today, tomorrow, and every day after

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